INVEST, Providing consultancy to companies producing anti-Covid items

assistenza tecnica aziende anti covid

The consultancy of Roncucci & Partners to the 25 companies involved in the USAID INVEST Project continues. This project has initiated with the aim to support the Italian companies in the fight against the pandemic.
After the launch event organized last January in collaboration with the American Embassy in Rome, the business consultancy program has come to life and will accompany companies for a total period of 12 months.

The first steps: production and innovation

After an initial phase, aimed at identifying priority projects for individual companies, our teams focused on production and innovation aspects, in order to improve internal work flows and at the same time generate new business opportunities.

Among the most relevant synergies, a very significant testing activity has been launched that involves one of the 25 companies with molecular biology specialization and the Department of Translational Medical Sciences of the Federico II University of Naples. Similarly, the identification of a valuable production partner is allowing one of the companies to improve and increase the functionality of the anti-Covid product offered to the market.

Advice on organizational, commercial and legal issues

The second consulting phase is focusing on the organizational, commercial, and legal issues of the 25 companies; the business areas of vital importance that have been strongly affected by the pandemic triggered transformations.
After an initial emergency phase, in which the increase in the production of PPE and medical devices emerged as an absolute priority – given the urgent requests from the public and private sectors – the situation now appears to have changed: despite the continuous need for anti-Covid products, the relationship between supply and demand today seems more balanced.
To support and maintain the production of anti-Covid items, companies must now develop an accurate commercial strategy, and adopt planning tools that allow a timely and better internal organization.

This methodological approach constitutes the fulcrum of the advice provided by Roncucci & Partners, accompanied by legal and regulatory support to better manage the contractual, compliance and intellectual property difficulties amplified by the pandemic.
In this sense, the synergies triggered between the companies of the group have led to the development of interesting commercial collaborations, which concern both structured actions for the improvement of digital distribution through e-commerce platforms, and real joint distribution agreements for complementary products. Similarly, some companies (not belonging to the medical sector) has been provided with the possibility to access to the commercial networks of other companies in the group and to promote their products in Italy and abroad.

A multi-brand catalog, for an offer of all-Italian anti-Covid products

In order to promote companies and their products, Roncucci & Partners has developed a multi-brand catalog, which presents and illustrates the great variety of products and devices offered by the selected 25 companies for INVEST.

Divided into areas of intervention – prevention, diagnostics, and treatment – this catalog was conceived as a tool to enhance the project by promoting the production of 25 companies in different national and international contexts, with the aim of supporting the fight against the pandemic.

Roncucci & Partners worked to build a network of contacts, verify possible collaborations, and create synergies between the private sector and NGOs.
The promotion of companies to NGOs and international markets will be accompanied by training sessions dedicated to the world of procurement, in order to facilitate the inclusion of companies in the international purchasing dynamics and within the institutions.

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