Angela Peluso

R&P headquarter

General Affairs


  • Management, coordination and planning
  • Secretariat and Logistics
  • Administration support
  • CRM management
  • Problem Solving
  • Event Planning


  • Accounting Diploma, Bologna
  • Qualification of Accounting Operator, Bologna
  • Marketing Sales Technician Qualification (UC1 and UC2), Bologna

She graduated in Accountancy in 1993 in Bologna from the Enrico Mattei Technical Institute. His first and most appreciable professional experience was at a consulting and debt collection company in Bologna, where he assisted the president in managing the agenda and organizing the daily activities of the office. She is responsible for reception and customer service and documentation related to participation in public tenders. Is an active part of the Italy Commercial Information Division, managing and coordinating agents, monitoring credit situations and classifying outstanding accounts. He became contact person for contacts with the internal legal department and, in the last year, head of the commercial area. Through this career path, which lasted a full 18 years, she honed her natural communication and interpersonal skills.

From 2015 to 2023 collaboration with a Consulting and Technical Assistance Company for companies in the field of Safety and Occupational Hygiene in Bologna, with duties of management assistance, general secretary and support on the entire commercial and training area. Important resource for expanding client portfolio and organizing company events and trade shows. Always during these 8 years, she has been the main point of contact for all activities and communications directed to the President.

Since 2024, he has joined Roncucci&Partners to support top management in managing day-to-day activities and to perform mainly organizational tasks.

After all, tomorrow is another day..
from the movie "Gone with the wind"