Lavanya Gupta

R&P headquarter

Project Assistant


  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Business strategy
  • Customer Relationship


  • Master’s in business management, Italian Premium Brands - BOLOGNA BUSINESS SCHOOL, Bologna, Italy
  • Bachelor’s in hospitality and Hotel Administration - INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT, Dehradun, India

Born and bought up in New Delhi India, I was a science student with an interest in entrepreneurship.

I pursued Hospitality to follow my passion for Food Production. Worked in 5-star hotels and realized that my skills were better suited for the world of Management. Worked in digital marketing sector for a while and decided to pursue my masters to attain more skills and knowledge.

Came to Italy for an exposure of new culture and market. Studied in one of the best business schools here, learned and worked with many companies during my masters.

Now in Roncucci and Partners I want to combine all the skills and knowledge I have gained throughout my professional years and work towards increasing the business and broadening my horizon of knowledge and skills.

Your only limitation is the one you set up in your own mind
Napoleon Hill