IncentivesPromoting and enhancing the company to make it able to compete in the global markets.

Roncucci&Partners identifies and activates public and private funds to support the company’s development or the improvement of a local economic system in the most efficient way.

The goal

Roncucci&Partners supports the company’s development making dedicated financial resources available to the company.

The solutions

Roncucci&Partners develops investment analyses, researches dedicated grant-in-aid tools, designs and make specific reporting activities on tenders issued on Regional and European programs, carries out technical consultancy services and evaluations on national and European incentives. These are the consultancy activities for the companies aiming at innovating and developing their own activities.

The services:

  • Research for grant-in-aid tools
    We research and activate the most convenient public funds, by using European, national and local public incentive tools provided by the assigned authorities, in order to develop and implement the business and the competitiveness of SMEs in the economic environment.

  • Solutions for grants and incentives and project management
    We identify and activate public funds and grant-in-aid tools to develop internationalization, trading and/or economic projects. This aspect concerns risk assets, grants and financing, insurance policies.

  • Corporate finance management
    We help the company to manage its financial resources, and organizing dedicated operation of cash pooling, trade finance and treasury optimization.
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