InternationalizationPromoting and enhancing the company aiming at competing in the global market.

Roncucci&Partners customizes the consulting services, starting from the specific characteristics of the company. It supports the management department in defining the business development strategies to fulfil the preset goals.

The Internationalization process requires a deep knowledge of the foreign markets and the ability to structure the company in a strategic way to successfully reach the preset goals.

The company should follow the market, not the other way around.

The Goal

Roncucci&Partners’ aim is to support companies and institutions to develop their business in a medium/long term perspective through structured internationalization projects and dedicated financial resources.

The solutions

Roncucci&Partners analyses its customers’ needs with a specific methodology, verifies if the company is ready to face an internationalization process, advises the company how to better perform on the international markets through innovative techniques and a continuous exchange of views.

The services:

  • Specific analyses to face a structured internationalization process
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Market Analysis
  • National and international marketing plans
  • Industrial plans
  • Business planning for Internationalization projects
  • Identification of potential target clients, partners, agents and distributors
  • Business meetings with potential foreign partners
  • International company start up support
  • Temporary Export Management
  • Temporary Exhibition Management
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