About us

Roncucci&Partners is an international business development company specialized in designing and carrying out internationalization processes. Roncucci&Partners supports companies in implementing business development processes abroad by defining customized strategies based on activity sector and country of destination.

Roncucci&Partners, along the years, thanks to its experience in performing several projects worldwide both for private companies and institutions, has built a strong network of national and international relationships. The clients can take advantage from these global connections.

Il metodo

Roncucci&Partners method is based on four complementary stages:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Project Audit

Roncucci&Partners’ approach focuses on priorities and guarantees a 360° view on the overall project analysis, solution planning, strategy definition and project audit implementation.

The Experience

Along the years Roncucci&Partners developed a wide and targeted know-how by supporting SMEs active in different business fields. Roncucci&Partners developed projects in different sectors such as the automotive, mechanical engineering, packaging, fashion, food&beverage, wine, green technologies, construction and restoration, furniture design and accessories, cosmetics, nutraceutical, mechanical subcontracting and plant building.


Mr. Giovanni Roncucci, Founding Partner and Chairman of Roncucci&Partners

Our Business Units

Roncucci&Partners operates through professionals with specific skills, grouped in two business units

Business Consulting Unit

Supports customers, companies or local systems, in defining strategies to increase their global competitiveness, in order to implement a structured internationalization process and business development.

Grants&Incentives Unit

Identifies and activates the most appropriate financial resources to support business development through specific financial and grant-in-aid tools.

Milestones of our history


Eco Business Consulting establishment.


First foreign branch in Belgrade.


Eco Business Consulting changes its name in Roncucci&Partners


First Indian Branch in Chennai.


New Foreign Branches in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Tunis, Tunisia.


New Foreign Branch in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Second Indian Branch in Bangalore.
Services Lines

Our two Business Units have led to the definition of Services Lines that follow the customer in all the phases of the specific activities.

How can we help you?

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