TrainingPromoting and enhancing the company to make it able to compete in the global markets.

Roncucci&Partners trains the resources involved in the project, with the aim of supporting them through new knowledge and know-how, developing their abilities and introducing new techniques and methodologies.

The goal

Men and women are the pillars to build the performance of the company. Roncucci&Partners supports the management department and the human resources in the acquisition of new abilities, methodologies and fundamental know-how for the international development of the company.

The solutions

The training programs prepared by Roncucci&Partners are designed for companies, public institutions’ officials and young talented in order to transfer managerial skills, the last market trends, and to foster the use of programming/planning tools to better face the international competitiveness.

The services

  • Formazione
    The training of the human resources, usually made in an on-the–job approach, concerns the company’s business development, that is the internationalization itself, from the company’s organization to the evaluation of the human resources, to the innovation sphere, marketing and financial field, such as business planning, project management, financial planning and analysis, management control system and audit.

  • Coaching activities for the entrepreneurs, CEO, Managers, public officials
    Coaching activities to support the business consultancy activity itself, in order to implement the performance and develop the skills of the top players and key figures of the company. The training activities are mainly focused on the internalization processes, finance and management.

  • Junior Export Manager Tutoring
    Scouting and training activities of junior resources to hire for enhancing the commercial skills of the company.
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