Stella Occhialini

R&P headquarter

Senior Project Manager


  • Project management
  • Managerial training
  • International Business


  • Degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Bologna

Degree in Economics at the University of Bologna, expert on issues related to marketing and industrial and commercial techniques, since 1994 deals with management training and coaching to enterprises in their internationalisation processes. As project Manager, since 2005 carries out activities of design, management and animation of business aggregation projects aiming at approaching new markets or making investments abroad. Has had experience in China, India, South Africa, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Serbia, Brazil and Chile and has followed several experimental projects of training abroad and networking among enterprises for international business development. Actively involved in teaching on topics related to New Skills and Competences of the Export Manager, and Internationalisation Strategy for SME’s. As a consultant, carried out activities for the organisational redefinition of sales offices abroad and for the enhancement of skills of those involved. Her current topics of interests and research are the strategic competences of the sales office abroad and the organisational connections that manage it.