Lab Innova Sud and Est Europa 2024

Roncucci&Partners, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), has successfully concluded the Lab Innova Sud Est Europa 2024 series of workshops, aimed at enhancing and empowering Agro-Industry in the Balkans. This initiative, covering three strategic locations—Belgrade, Serbia; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; and Tirana, Albania—was designed to provide crucial training and tools for companies looking to expand into international markets.

Belgrade, Serbia (July 4-6, 2024)

The first leg of the event took place in Belgrade, where Giovanni Roncucci and Slađana Lučić led training sessions for Serbian and Montenegrin companies in the food and agricultural sectors. The sessions focused on the agricultural sector in the EU and Italy, compliance with EU export regulations, and provided essential tools for market analysis, market research, and marketing plans. Participants ranged from primary producers to experts in agricultural machinery and irrigation systems.

Roncucci&Partners shared their extensive global experience in management and internationalization, empowering companies with knowledge to enhance their domestic and foreign market presence. This event aimed to strengthen the ties between Italian and Serbian companies, reinforcing Italy’s position as a key trading partner for Serbia.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (June 11-13, 2024)

The second workshop was held in Sarajevo, conducted by Federico Rubini and Slađana Lučić. The focus here was on producers of crops, dairy products, medicinal herbs, and importers of agricultural machinery. The training covered company management, SWOT analysis, and market research, preparing companies for international market entry.

Tirana, Albania (June 18-19, 2024)

The final session took place in Tirana, led by Federico Rubini. Targeting companies in the agro-industry sector, the workshop addressed business management, internationalization strategies, sustainability, and innovations in agritech and the agrifood industry.

With strong commercial and diplomatic relationships with Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania, Italy seeks to further strengthen collaboration, particularly in the agrifood sector, which plays a significant role in the trade balance of all four countries.

Future Initiatives

This initiative will continue with the selection of companies for a mission organized by ITA. Selected companies will participate in a 5-day study tour in Italy, from November 5-9, 2024, which includes visits to local business districts for companies operating in the agricultural processing sector and to the EIMA fair for companies in the agricultural mechanization sector. These visits aim to establish long-lasting partnerships between Balkan and Italian enterprises.

Sladjana Lucic

At Roncucci&Partners we help companies develop themselves and their business, embrace change and evolve to thrive in a world that is increasingly complicated, insidious and requires great expertise. We do this by applying punctual methods and rigorous strategies, the result of many years of experience and the richness of the numerous success stories we have conducted all over the world. Passion and method are indeed our guides to enhance the present and build the future.

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