Cogeneration and energy efficiency: Roncucci&Partners together with MTM ENERGIA

In the current context, the issue of the environment and the search for alternative methods of energy production has become fundamental. The consequences of using fossil fuels and the urgent need to search for clean, green energy sources are well known. Therefore, we talk about renewable sources, such as wind, solar and water, but also sources commonly less known to those outside the industry, such as biogas. The topic is also energy efficiency, a focal point in a context in which the environmental crisis poses challenges and requires solutions to safeguard the planet.

Roncucci&Partners is attentive to environmental issues and works together with companies in this direction, thanks to the experience gained over the years and continuous research on the subject. In particular, we have been working for almost three years alongside MTM ENERGIA, a company in the Milanese hinterland specialised in the manufacture of cogeneration plants, supporting its development on international markets at a time when attention to the environment is fundamental.

Cogeneration: an important advantage for energy efficiency

MTM Energia designs and builds cogeneration plants that recover waste heat from combustion processes – 60% of the energy produced – to produce electricity and heat again for use in heating or industrial processes. Cogeneration is, therefore, the combined production of electricity and heat, from the acronym CHP in English combined heat and power.

The advantage of cogeneration is that up to 90 per cent of the potential of a combustion plant can be utilised, as losses to the environment are drastically reduced, and in economic terms, it allows long-term savings on energy production.

The application sectors of these technologies are wide and in general concern all those realities that require a constant production of energy for the functioning of their activities: agri-food industry, textile, chemical-pharmaceutical, hospitals, universities and shopping centres are just some examples.

Roncucci&Partners supported MTM ENERGIA in important meetings at the recent All-Energy in Glasgow, Scotland and ExpoBiogaz in Strasbourg, France.

Some trends in energy sources

Among the trends emerged in terms of energy sources, it is now clear that the direction is to adopt increasingly greener technologies, emphasising the use of hydrogen, photovoltaics, solar and wind power, as well as all those technologies that allow the recovery of energy for its reuse and to achieve greater energy efficiency, such as cogeneration plants. Greater use is also made of sustainable energy sources such as biogas, which is obtained from the fermentation by bacteria of organic animal or vegetable residues.

Together with MTM ENERGIA, we have mapped these trade fairs to study the market of interest and seek out foreign counterparts with whom to initiate partnerships and projects, proving to be a booming market with strong potential particularly in countries such as France, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The applications are also varied. During the All-Energy exhibition, the University of Glasgow tells us that on its campus it has decided to introduce a CHP plant in order to achieve a drastic reduction in carbon emissions and save on the annual cost of energy in order to make the most of heat and electricity distribution. In Italy, on the other hand, another interesting project introducing CHP plants into the agri-food production process is presented by Parmigiano Reggiano, which is collaborating with MTM ENERGIA in this respect.

MTM ENERGIA offers from micro to large installations an innovative solution that stands out from the market, particularly at European level. Our technology is a turnkey solution, where the end user has complete management of the plant, thanks also to an intuitive control panel. MTM ENERGIA offers constant remote monitoring of the plant’s parameters and a prompt technical assistance service,” says Engineer Michele Torretta, Technical Director and CEO, “for us, taylor-made is fundamental, based on the customer’s needs we offer extensive customisation of the plant, unlike other competitors.

In the energy field too, therefore, there are many projects involving different economic sectors. From renewable and clean energy sources, to the use of technologies along the lines of decarbonisation and energy efficiency, so that they increasingly take their place in our future. At this precise moment in history, where attention to the environment and energy saving is high, it is also appropriate to look at foreign markets that offer opportunities in the energy sector, especially for the excellence of our Italian manufacturing companies and Made in Italy in general.

Chiara Capraro


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