Fap Italia Vegan – Not only product innovation

When we talk about product innovation, we are not just talking about the product as itself. We talk about setting the right goals, having proper planning, equipping ourselves with appropriate managerial skills that know how to respond to real market demand, and much more.

This is the scenario in which Roncucci&Partners is accompanying FAP ITALIA through a process of radical change toward the creation of a 100% animal free product and the birth of a new identity marked by the “FAP ITALIA VEGAN” logo.

FAP ITALIA SRL is a Lombardia-based company that has specialized in making high-quality leather belts since 1986. It produces luxury in an artisanal way, creating belts with unparalleled quality and timeless appeal for leading luxury houses and their own brands.
It is one of the 25 Italian companies involved in the INVEST project, which for 12 months has seen Roncucci&Partners engaged in an articulated consulting program to support companies that have partially or totally reconverted their production to cope with the COVID-19 emergency.

Always attentive to emerging trends, entrepreneurs Giorgio and Paola Stamerra wanted to undertake a renewal process that invested not only the product, but the company as a whole, starting with the identification of a new vision.
Roncucci&Partners is honored and proud to have been chosen once again by our client for an accompanying program in the ongoing innovative process.

The challenge undertaken is twofold, involving the creation of a collection of vegan belts that emulate the look and feel of luxury leather, achieved through the delicate balance of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art machinery, but also the inspiration of a lifestyle that supports the ethical and fair treatment of humans, animals and ecosystems to create a better world for all.

FAP ITALIA VEGAN‘s process of innovation is continuous and striving for advanced methodologies to make sure we leave the smallest possible trace on the planet. Sustainable and ethical practices infuse every process and every step, from choosing raw materials to collaborations and partnerships.

From technology scouting to strategic plan

Roncucci&Partners followed the entrepreneurs along a complex and decisive path to the birth of FAP ITALIA VEGAN: from technology scouting to identify the most qualitatively suitable fabric to interpreting the product idea and monitoring market trends, from formulating a strategic plan to verify the feasibility of the project and defining the objectives and necessary resources (human, financial and technical ones) to creating a new identity.

The constant and open discussion between the entrepreneur and our working group allowed us to focus on the business idea, to find the most suitable business model for implementation, to represent its essence in the brand identity, to enhance it in a promotion plan consistent with the objectives to be achieved, and to identify available funding opportunities.

The pre-commercial phase was completed at the end of April, and the activity at this time is focused precisely on the commercialization of the vegan product, which also includes international development.

The start of the product launch on the B2B channel included a major lead generation campaign conducted mainly on LinkedIn. However, the strong digital component was balanced by the organization of physical meetings at Pitti Immagine, held in Florence on June 14 to 17 for a more immediate and direct collection of feedback on the new product.

Roncucci&Partners firmly believes in the phygital, or multichannel approach that connects the brand to people and vice versa, both in the real and digital worlds. Phygital in both B2B and B2C relationship includes all marketing actions that can be put in place to create an integrated ecosystem where the physical world and the digital dimension coexist.

The FAP ITALIA VEGAN project is still a work in progress. There is a long way to go, but we are encouraged by the first results achieved. The theme of material sustainability and the use of vegan leather has met the interest of foreign operators from, in particular Northern Europe and the United Kingdom.

The amazement of their Italian or foreign counterparts in noticing the softness, color rendition, and look & feel proper to a luxury product was further confirmation that the green aspiration, if pursued with determination and in a scientific manner, allows one not to betray one’s quality and essence.


Giacinta Acerbi

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