SelectUSA Investment Summit: the largest investment summit

The SelectUSA Investment Summit is the premier FDI (foreign direct investment) promotion event in the United States, connecting investors, companies, economic development organisations (EDOs) and industry experts to seize every available opportunity to make investments in the country.

The one that just concluded was the largest investment summit to date, with record levels of participation and engagement.

  • 4,900 participants
  • 83 international countries
  • 55 representatives from states and US territories
  • 16 governors
  • 21 chiefs of mission

The track record of the Investment Summit is remarkable. Previous participants have announced more than $103 billion in US investment projects within five years of attending, supporting more than 167,000 US jobs.

The participation of Roncucci&Partners North America Inc.

As Roncucci&Partners Srl we felt it was our duty to participate in this event, having opened a new unit in Miami, Florida: Roncucci&Partners North America Inc.

The purpose of this new foreign office of ours, well the seventh, is to provide high quality services locally to enable the international expansion of Italian and foreign companies in the American market.

Our participation in the SelectUSA Investment Summit has allowed us to create contacts and connections with most of the public, private and/or public-private entities involved in attracting investments in the various American states.

Government and Foreign Investment Data

According to what we learnt at the event, there are 3 sectors in which the US government will make major investments in the coming months: technology, pharmaceuticals, and renewable energy. In fact, large-scale investments have been announced that will benefit research and development in these sectors.

  • CHIPS and Science Act
    Signed by President Joe Biden on 9 August 2022, the act allocates approximately $280 billion in new funding to promote domestic research and semiconductor manufacturing in the US.
  • Inflation Reduction Act
    On 16 August 2022, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, marking the most significant action taken by Congress on clean energy and climate change in the nation’s history.
  • Infrastructure Act
    The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is a historic investment in America that will change people’s lives for the better and turn the country around.

US market: many opportunities for Italian companies

The United States (OECD data 2021) is the world’s top destination country for FDI, foreign direct investment. There are several reasons why companies are interested in investing in the country, such as the size and strength of the US economy, political and legal stability, developed infrastructure and a strong business culture. This stable and profitable economic environment offers opportunities for growth and profits to foreign companies seeking to expand into the US market.

During the SelectUSA Investment Summit, 11 investments in the US totalling more than half a billion dollars were announced.

  • ABB North America
  • IEDC
  • Purdue University
  • IMEC JSW Steel
  • The Conference of Indian Industry (CII)
  • NEO Aeronautics
  • The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED)
  • Nel Hydrogen
  • Neolpharma
  • Philadelphia Solar
  • SAI-Tech

The US market presents a context of extraordinary opportunities for Italian companies seeking to expand their presence internationally. The considerable size, strong domestic demand, and relentless innovation in the US offer fertile ground for business success. As an experienced consulting firm, we are ready to assist Italian companies in developing targeted strategies to tackle the US market with confidence and achieve successful results. Our deep experience, in-depth knowledge and extensive network of local contacts enable us to provide personalised advice and support at every stage of the process.

Samuele Ronconi


At Roncucci&Partners we help companies to develop themselves and their business, to embrace change and evolve in order to thrive in a world that is increasingly complicated, insidious and requires a great deal of expertise. We do this by applying timely methods and rigorous strategies, the fruit of many years of experience and the wealth that comes from the many successful cases we have led around the world. Passion and method are indeed our guides to enhance the present and build the future.

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