Wellness Economy Boom

“It is not living, but living well which we ought to consider most important” Plato.

This statement, is particularly pertinent at this time in history and illustrates a strong market trend driven by people’s desire to stay healthy and take care of the well-being of their bodies and minds. The Wellness Economy is booming; well-being is the new imperative in the post-pandemic world.

But the Wellness Economy has been one of the markets most impacted by the health crisis. Before the pandemic, this industry grew by an average of 6.6% (three years 2017-2019). In 2020, it shrank instead by 11 % from $4,909 billion to $4,369 billion. Today, however, the sector is expected to rebound with an average growth of 10% (2022-2025).

The Global Wellness Economy highlights that in 2021 the Wellness market was worth $4.4 trillion up 12.8 % from the 2015 figure. Europe ranks first in the Wellness Tourism and Spa sector and is the fastest growing market in the corporate wellness sector. In particular, Italy is among the top 10 countries in the world in the wellness, spa and thermal tourism sector.

Looking at the etymology of these words, the word wellness is the union of the English terms “well being” and “fitness” and refers to an all-round psychophysical well-being and balance; the word SPA is the Latin acronym “sanae per aqua,” meaning “water, the essential element for life.”

Being an expert in this world, the company AQUADEMY, accompanied by Roncucci&Partners in its Business Development abroad, offers us its industry testimony:

“AQUADEMY was founded in 1997 by the experience and genius of a team of professionals with 20 years’ experience in experimental innovation and design of complex water control technologies.

It works and actively collaborates with the most important international bathroom furniture brands, implementing new technologies and new products, thus creating its own collection of systems focused on private and professional wellness sector.

The company is on the international market with multifunctional shower systems equipped with chromotherapy, aromatherapy and music therapy with manual or touch functions, systems for disinfection, wellness paths for the legs (kneypp) and for the body (water paradise), reaction showers and vichy systems (horizontal showers), all dedicated to the world of private and professional wellness of which it holds the complete know-how and the made in Italy guarantee.

The innovative range of products reinterprets the use of water, light, aroma and sound to a new level of technical-constructive avant-garde. The shower systems thus become a state of the art set among prestigious materials, where the use of AISI 316L steel stands out for the selection of the aesthetic plates of the shower systems, suitable even in the harshest environments. High-quality silicone nozzles, inspectable misting jets, waterfalls with different inclinations and aerated jet complete the picture. In the chromotherapy collection, the experience becomes even more immersive through LED spotlights, which are set like gemstones on the plates, contributing to the definition of a refined aesthetic that offers the best experience of light tones and frequencies. Whichever solution is chosen, aromatherapy is now a must for the company, diversifying the therapeutic experience in its various declinations.

All this is managed by user interfaces specifically designed for each need, complying with different requirements, from the most robust to the most sophisticated.

The quality of the products and the ability to develop bespoke solutions both from the point of view of finishes but above all of performance and technology, represent the strength of the company, a leading partner for wellness innovation.

Over time, Aquademy has distinguished itself for the design and functionality of its systems, but also for the eco-sustainability that characterizes its wide offer. The constant focus on producing systems that combine the beautiful and the functional with the eco-sustainable led them back in 2013 to win their first prestigious award in London: the GOLD Award for the Innovation in Sustainability category.

Market trends in recent years have clearly manifested a strong awareness of the Wellness Economy both in Italy and worldwide, gradually refining the aesthetic and technological demand capable of offering targeted and innovative solutions.

Aquademy’s mission is to meet the wellness needs of those who love quality of life with the best water treatment enhanced by the best technology and design all under the Made in Italy name!”



Agnès Randriamaitso

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