A new location in Miami to enhance new business opportunities

Roncucci&Partners Srl is proud to announce the launch of its new office, Roncucci&Partners North America Inc. in Miami, Florida – USA.  Following the success of our two offices in Italy and six offices in economically and politically complex countries such as Serbia, India, Brazil, Tunisia, and South Africa, this new expansion represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide global assistance to companies seeking to expand their business internationally.

The United States is the top country in the world by GDP (Statista, 2022), the third country in the world by population (Worldometer, 2023), and the third country by land area (The World Bank, 2020). They hold a 16.9% share of World Trade, export more than $3 trillion worth of products and services, and import nearly $4 trillion worth (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis).

In this context, Italy is the eleventh country from which the U.S. imports products and services, with a value exceeding $65 billion in 2022 (infoMercatiEsteri). Italian foreign direct investment (FDI) to the country has also grown strongly in recent years, highlighting a greater presence of Italian companies in the northeastern and southern parts of the US.

Due to the vastness of the market and the high purchasing power of consumers, Italian companies can seize numerous business opportunities in the United States of America.

Key points for building a successful internationalization strategy

While it is a market that offers a thousand and one business opportunities, to be successful in the U.S. market, which is itself open to innovation but also highly competitive and sophisticated, it is essential to adopt well-planned and effective internationalization strategies.

In developing these strategies, it is crucial to assess the company’s preparedness to face the challenges and difficulties that internationalization processes pose.

Our new headquarters was carefully selected for its strategic location in Miami, one of the most important logistics hubs in the United States and the most visited and busiest city in Florida. Due to its prime geographic location, Florida is a privileged gateway to the Americas, making our new office the ideal choice for providing assistance to companies seeking to expand their business in the North American market.

Giovanni Roncucci - Chairman di Roncucci&Partners nello sviluppo della nuova sede a Miami
Giovanni Roncucci – Chairman di Roncucci&Partners

Florida is a state in continuous economic and demographic growth, with numerous sectors in which Italian companies represent world-class excellence such as biomedical, naval, furniture and design, aerospace and logistics. We have already established constructive relationships with Italian institutions present in the state, and American institutions that deal with business internationalization in the Southeast of the U.S., with whom we will be able to work to expand the presence of Made in Italy in the North American market.

Our new office in Miami represents Roncucci&Partners’ ongoing commitment to providing high-quality services to enable the international expansion of Italian and foreign companies. We are excited about this new stage in our history and believe that our presence in North America will allow us to serve the needs of our corporate clients even better.

Samuele Ronconi


At Roncucci&Partners we help companies develop themselves and their business, embrace change and evolve to thrive in a world that is increasingly complicated, treacherous, and requires a great deal of expertise. We do this by applying timely methods and rigorous strategies, the result of many years of experience and the wealth that comes from the many success stories we have guided around the world. Passion and method are indeed our guides to enhance the present and build the future.

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