“Bridge to World” is born: the network between IC&Partners and Roncucci&Partners

The two companies work together to help Italian companies conquer international markets.

IC&Partners and Roncucci&Partners, a leading consulting firm in internationalization services for Italian companies that want to successfully expand into foreign markets, announce their strategic collaboration through the establishment of a business network.

“Bridge to World” is the name of this partnership, established last January 30, 2024, whose activities will focus on three main areas:

  1. Strategic consulting: to assess the potential of the internationalization path, analyze the market and define the correct entry strategy, in line with the business objectives and specificities of the target markets;
  2. Local partner search: to identify potential partners in the area to support the business and integration of the company entering the new market;
  3. Business relationship management: to manage business relationships with local partners thanks to the 6 foreign offices of Roncucci&Partners, aimed at commercial or production penetration in the 5 continents, and the 35 foreign offices of IC&Partners, which also provide support on legal and tax aspects related to internationalization.

Bridge to World” marks a significant step toward creating a unique and comprehensive offering to support Italian companies at all stages of the internationalization process. The partnership brings together the two companies’ over 20 years of professionalism by offering:

  • Sector Experts, to offer specialized and customized consulting on the needs of individual sectors thanks to the combined expertise of both companies;
  • International Network, to facilitate business partnerships and facilitate companies’ entry into key markets through established international networks and relationships.

This network between IC&Partners and Roncucci&Partners will create unprecedented opportunities for Italian companies and is an important sign of the two companies’ willingness to support them in their international growth.

For further information:

IC&Partners SpA, Via Caterina Percoto, 10 – Udine
info@icpartners.it, Tel. +39 0432 501591

Roncucci&Partners Srl, Via A. Alessandrini, 26 – 40126 Bologna
info@roncucciandpartners.com, Tel. +39 051 255 676

Roberto Corciulo – IC&Partners e Giovanni Roncucci – Roncucci&Partners

At Roncucci&Partners we help companies develop themselves and their business, embrace change and evolve to thrive in a world that is increasingly complicated, insidious and requires great expertise. We do this by applying punctual methods and rigorous strategies, the result of many years of experience and the richness of the numerous success stories we have conducted all over the world. Passion and method are indeed our guides to enhance the present and build the future.

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