Food and beverage Export: the value of an integrated strategy

What links Food and Beverage Export and TASTE?

TASTE, the prestigious food and wine event, concluded its 17th edition this year at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. An event, organized by Pitti Immagine, which is aimed at food & beverage professionals and represents a strategic opportunity to explore the different nuances of taste and, above all, the potential in terms of business and export, and therefore internationalization of the sector.

The potential of the food and beverage sector (including export)

TASTE is more than just a food fair. It is a meeting place for producers, chefs, sommeliers and food & wine enthusiasts. And it is also a place of suggestions for growing your business by talking about internationalization and food & beverage exports.

Why does the Food & Beverage sector have extraordinary potential to promote?

Here are two reasons:

  1. Its artisan excellence: TASTE enhances Italian artisan excellence, from cheeses to cured meats to wines and olive oil. These high-quality products, in fact, are increasingly in demand internationally, testifying to our “Made in Italy” which, with increasing strength, emerges and stands out in the international arena for all that it represents and describes as a mark of quality and excellence.
  2. Tradition and innovation: Italy is famous for its culinary tradition, but also for its ability to innovate. Under this lens, TASTE offers a comprehensive overview of both aspects, demonstrating that tradition and innovation can coexist harmoniously.

What about the export of food and beverages?

Speaking of Food and Beverage exports and more generally of the internationalization of the industry, that of Food & Wine is a bridge to the global world. Exporting Italian products abroad is a winning strategy for companies, and TASTE offers the opportunity to create international networks and explore new markets.

How to deal with development in foreign markets?

Needless to hide that a structured Food and Beverage export project, or in broader terms an internationalization and overseas expansion project, needs an integrated approach. Indeed, the latter is essential to:

  • Create synergies: Collaborating with other companies allows you to share resources, knowledge and contacts. Together, the complexities of foreign markets can be better addressed.
  • Gain visibility: Participation in trade shows such as TASTE provides international visibility. Companies can present themselves as part of a larger ecosystem, increasing their credibility and attractiveness.
  • Facilitate access to resources: the aggregated approach facilitates access to financial, logistical and marketing resources, as well as technological innovations.

In conclusion, TASTE represents an unmissable opportunity for the export of the Italian food and wine sector. The aggregate approach is the key to fully exploiting the potential of foreign markets. Colors are served and the future is full of flavors and opportunities!

Enrico Mirotti


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