Mauritius: a magnet for global investment

Mauritius, a small and beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, is increasingly emerging as a magnet for global investment, both international and European. Indeed, there are several key points regarding the economy and investment in Mauritius that make it distinctive and worthy of close scrutiny.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that according to the assessment of the British company Brand Finance, which published its global soft-power ranking, in the top 20 most influential African countries in the world in 2024 we also find Mauritius.

This figure is strongly influenced by the fact that Mauritius is one of 7 African countries that have initiated AfCfta, or the African Continental Free Trade Area. This initiative, in 2023, allowed for the expansion of trade between these countries on highly preferential terms. In addition, this year, 24 new African countries will join the guided trade initiative, further expanding the economic advantage of participants.

4 leading sectors to attract investment

Mauritius is currently attracting investors from around the world, offering opportunities in four leading sectors, such as real estate, ICT, tourism, and the financial sector. Let’s try to understand why:

  • The real estate sector

The real estate sector is booming and attracting both domestic and foreign investors. This is due to the country’s political and economic stability, the growing demand for residential and commercial real estate, and the existence of tax incentives for foreign investors. For example, the Mauritian government offers tax exemptions to foreigners who purchase property in Mauritius.

  • Information and communication technology (ICT)

ICT is another growth sector with strong potential. Mauritius has become a regional technology hub, attractive to international companies and start-ups. This is due to the presence of a skilled workforce, modern telecommunications infrastructure and tax incentives for technology companies.

  • Tourism sector

Tourism contributes significantly to Mauritian GDP, accounting for about 24 percent of it. In 2023, the flow of tourists exceeded 1.4 million visitors. Mauritius is indeed a popular tourist destination due to its paradisiacal beaches and social peace perceptible to the naked eye. There are also luxury hotels and exclusive resorts, but other more affordable tourist facilities are also on the rise.

  • Financial sector

Finally, it should be mentioned that Mauritius is also a financial center, with an advantageous tax regime. Foreign entities can easily benefit from a Mauritian tax residence certificate. Therefore, this aspect, in addition to the wide availability of business-equipped accommodations, has helped to position Mauritius as a major destination for business and investment.

Sustainability as a source of investment attraction

The national government has therefore made the strategic choice to invest in sustainability. Indeed, it is with the aim of directing private capital toward sustainable development paths that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in collaboration with the government of Mauritius and the Economic Development Board (EDB), launched the Mauritius SDG Investor Map.

This is a market intelligence tool that aims to target private capital to sectors where the priorities of the Sustainable Development Goals, government policies and market opportunities converge.

The business models identified could advance Mauritius’ Vision 2030 through a strong private sector-led economy based on the principles of inclusiveness and sustainability. In fact, the SDG Investor Map aims to direct capital to pathways where maximum positive impact on people and the planet can be achieved, while ensuring attractive financial returns.


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